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Cheap and Best Mobile Accessories at DARAZ

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Get a wide selection of high-quality and reasonably priced mobile accessories at Daraz, your one-stop shop for tech accessories on a budget. Discover how much your gadgets can do without going over budget by looking through Daraz’s vast selection. Get everything you need to improve your mobile experience, from trustworthy headphones and high-speed chargers to robust phone cases that combine style and protection. Daraz makes sure that being “cheap” doesn’t mean compromising quality; every accessory is carefully chosen for practicality and longevity. When you shop at Daraz, you can take advantage of the ease of doorstep delivery and the guarantee of affordable yet high-quality mobile accessories. Upgrade your devices without the hefty price tag, and embrace a world of affordable excellence at Daraz.

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Eyes Protection 3D Mobile Screen Display Pull Out Enlarged Mobile Screen Magnifier 2022 Support for All Smartphones

We are pleased to present our innovative mobile phone screen magnifier, which will both safeguard and improve your viewing experience. This cutting-edge gadget has a 3D pull-out mobile screen display that offers a more expansive and captivating visual experience. The magnifier is widely compatible due to its clever design, which supports all smartphones.

With this magnifier, you can wave goodbye to squinting and eye strain as every element on your mobile screen appears sharper and more bright. With the pull-out design, mobility and convenience are guaranteed, letting you take in a movie on the fly. Our magnifier is a great option for extended usage because it also uses cutting-edge technology to lessen eye strain.

With our Screen Magnifier, you can enhance your mobile viewing experience by getting functionality, mobility, and eye protection all in one stylish package. With improved clarity and comfort, stay connected and enjoy your favorite entertainment right from the palm of your hand.

Discount: 56% OFF

Price: Rs 330

Selfie Ring Light With LED Camera Photography Flash Light

With our Selfie Ring Light with LED Camera Photography Flash, you can up your selfie game. This lightweight, multipurpose tool is meant to transform your photos and improve the experience of taking selfies. Your pictures will be well-lit and attractive thanks to the soft, flattering illumination produced by the built-in LED lights.

This ring light’s brightness may be adjusted to suit different lighting circumstances thanks to its changeable brightness settings. The LED Camera Photography Flash guarantees that you always appear your best, whether you’re taking pictures outside or in a poorly lit interior. It is simple to carry in your pocket or purse because to its lightweight and compact design, which enables you to effortlessly add a polished touch to your selfies whenever and wherever you choose.

With our Selfie Ring Light, you can step into the spotlight and take breathtaking pictures in any situation. It’s the ideal accessory for getting picture-perfect selfies and amazing photos. With this indispensable piece of gear for any photography lover, light up the globe and unleash your creative side.

Discount: 48% OFF

Price: Rs 338

2 Ports Portable Upgraded 240W Super Fast USB Car Charger Universal Exquisite Safe ABS Digital Display Quick Charging Adapter

Presenting our revolutionary 2-port portable upgraded 240W super fast USB car charger—a revolutionary option for on-the-go charging. Designed to deliver unmatched speed and efficiency, this universal car charger has two powerful USB connections that allow for simultaneous charging. Your gadgets will charge incredibly fast because to the improved 240W capacity, which enables you to stay connected and power up swiftly when traveling.

The charger is a stylish complement to any car interior thanks to its elegant and small design. Because it is made of sturdy, safe ABS plastic, a secure charging experience is assured. You can keep an eye on the voltage and charging status with the integrated digital display, which guarantees both safety and optimal performance. This adapter has quick-charging technology and works with a variety of devices, making it a necessary travel, commuting, and adventure companion. With our portable, upgraded USB car charger, you can stay powered up with assurance.

Discount: 33% OFF

Price: Rs 523

Wireless Charger (Compatible with all wireless charging supported mobiles/Earpods devices)/ Qi Standard Wireless Charger Limitless Charging Pad for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note2/Note3/Note4/iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus (White)

Presenting the best option for hassle-free, endless charging—the Qi Standard Wireless Charger. This stylish charging pad offers a comfortable, cord-free charging experience for all smartphones and Earpods compatible with wireless charging. The pad complies with Qi standards, so it may be used with a variety of devices, such as the iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6, Note2/Note3/Note4, and more.

This wireless charger gives your charging setup a sophisticated touch with its attractive white appearance. All you need to do is set your device down on the pad and let the effective charging technology handle the rest. With the Qi Standard Wireless Charger, you can charge your devices effortlessly and effectively without using any wires, keeping your gadgets charged and ready to go. With our multifunctional and fashionable wireless charging station, embrace the charging of the future.

Discount: 33% OFF
Price: Rs 449

Original p47 headphone Wireless Earbuds Invisible Ultra Small Bluetooth Handfree for all cell phones

Presenting the pinnacle of performance and ease in the realm of audio accessories: the Original P47 Wireless Earbuds. With their incredibly compact and undetectable design, these headphones reinvent wireless technology while offering a genuinely seamless and discrete Bluetooth experience. The P47 headphones are completely hands-free, provide unmatched independence, and work with all smartphones.

These earphones, which are made with comfort and style in mind, fit snugly without sacrificing sound quality. While the Bluetooth technology offers hassle-free connectivity with a range of cell phones, the undetectable profile ensures a clean and modern design. The P47 headphones produce remarkably clear audio whether you’re on the phone, enjoying music, or listening to a podcast. With these unique, cutting-edge, and fashionable earbuds, you can embrace the future of wireless music and meet all of your mobile communication and entertainment needs with the ideal balance of style and functionality.

Discount: 74% OFF

Price: Rs 788

Orignal F9 & M10 & M90 & M19 TWS Airpods with Super Sound & High Quality Touch Sensors True Stereo Headphones with Built in Mic 10m Transmission Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds , Charging Case Sport Headset for all Bluetooth Smart devices.

With our Original F9, M10, M90, and M19 TWS Airpods—your ultimate audio companions—unleash the power of music. For an unmatched listening experience, these True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphones have excellent sound quality and premium touch sensors. Experience real stereo sound with these state-of-the-art earbuds, which are equipped with an integrated microphone for smooth communication.

Mobility without sacrificing connectivity is possible with these Bluetooth wireless earbuds thanks to their amazing 10m transmission range. The stylish charging case guarantees that your earphones stay charged for all-day use in addition to keeping them safe. These earphones, which are compatible with all Bluetooth smart devices and are designed for sports and daily activities, offer a dependable and adaptable audio solution. The F9, M10, M90, and M19 TWS Airpods are your go-to option for outstanding sound quality and wireless ease. Upgrade your audio experience with these headphones.

Discount: 54% OFF

Price: Rs 923

Pack of 1,3,6,9,12 Mobile charging stand | remote holder | self-adhesive wall mounted pen holder, Mobile phone holder

Introducing our compact sets of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 of our multipurpose and useful Mobile Charging Stand, Remote Holder, Self-Adhesive Wall-Mounted Pen Holder. This multipurpose tool is meant to make your life easier. It can be used as a wall-mounted pen holder, a remote control holder, and a mobile charging stand.

With the mobile charging station, you can keep your charging cords accessible and organized so that your gadgets are ready when you are. The remote holder gives your living area a little extra organization, helping to keep things neat and clean and preventing lost remotes. The wall-mounted pen holder with self-adhesive glue is a clever way to save room while maintaining convenient access to your writing supplies.

These holders are made with high-quality materials and have a modern style that complements any interior design. Our Mobile Charging Stand, Remote Holder, and Self-Adhesive Wall-Mounted Pen Holder are the ideal fusion of practicality and organization; they will simplify your area and improve your daily routine.

Discount: 55% OFF

Price: Rs 135

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