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10 Products Under Rs 200 Available At Daraz

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Explore the world of affordable luxury with Daraz, where 15 fascinating products, all under Rs 200, offer affordability and quality combined. This carefully chosen assortment covers a number of categories, guaranteeing that each customer will find something that suits their needs without breaking the bank.

Daraz offers a wide range of products that demonstrate that luxury need not be expensive, including necessary cosmetic products, useful home goods, fashionable fashion accessories, and cutting-edge electronics. Adhere to a budget that works for everyone while updating your living area, trying new beauty techniques, and embracing the newest trends.

Daraz’s dedication to creating an inclusive online shopping environment is what makes it unique. The marketplace offers more than simply goods; it provides access to reasonably priced lifestyles. You’ll learn that Daraz is more than just an online store when you go through these 15 items priced under Rs 200; it’s a doorway to affordable, high-quality life. Shop wisely and affordably, and allow Daraz to change your notion of what constitutes frugal internet retail therapy.

Top Products Guide Under Rs 200

Silicone Ocean Band Strap for Smart Watch Ultra 8 7 6 5 4 SE 45mm 49mm 44mm 42mm

The Silicone Ocean Band Strap is here to enhance your smartwatch experience like never before. This adaptable strap, which is compatible with Ultra 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, SE, 45mm, 49mm, 44mm, and 42mm models, effortlessly blends fashion and utility. Because it is made of premium silicone, it guarantees comfort and longevity under repeated use.

Fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike will find the Ocean Band Strap to be a perfect match because it is made for the modern, active lifestyle and is resistant to sweat, water, and everyday wear. Flexibility in the strap guarantees a secure fit, and its vivid colors give your smartwatch a unique touch.

The Silicone Ocean Band Strap improves your smartwatch’s appearance and functionality whether you’re going to the gym, going to work, or just going about your day. With this robust and elegant accessory—which is currently on sale—you can enhance your wearable experience and effortlessly combine performance and style.

Discount: 72% OFF

Price: Rs 197

Waterproof Sport M4 Touch Led Digital Watch For Boys & Girls SB FIT – All Colours

With the Waterproof Sport M4 Touch LED Digital Watch, which is suitable for both boys and girls, you can up your style and fitness game. You can stay on top of your game in any activity with the SB FIT line, which offers a dynamic blend of fashion and utility. This digital watch gives your wristwear a futuristic touch with its vivid LED touch display.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or just remaining active, this item is appropriate for any weather circumstances due to its weather-resistant design and waterproof function. The M4 Touch LED Digital Watch is a useful companion for people who are concerned about their health because it tracks your fitness data in addition to telling the time.

This watch, which comes in a variety of colors, matches your style and helps you stay motivated to reach your exercise objectives. Accept the ideal fusion of design and functionality with the Waterproof Sport M4 Touch LED Digital Watch, a chic and durable addition that complements any kind of lifestyle.

Discount: 65% OFF

Price: Rs 176

5 Shelf Clothes Hanging Organizers Pant Organizers Holder Wardrobe Section Storage Closet Organiser Shoe Clothes Garment

The 5-Shelf Clothes Hanging Organizer is a multipurpose solution for effective storage that will maximize the space in your wardrobe. This storage unit for the wardrobe department gives clothes, shoes, and accessories their own room, making closet organizing easier.

The five shelves of this hanging organizer, which was made with ease of use in mind, let you arrange and arrange your clothes in a tidy manner. The roomy shelves contain shoes, shirts, and other wardrobe necessities, and the pant organizer holder keeps pants wrinkle-free during storage.

This closet organizer was built to last. It is composed of premium materials that can sustain the weight of your belongings and provide years of use. For people with little closet spaces, the hanging design is the best option because it maximizes vertical space.

With the help of the 5-Shelf Clothes Hanging Organizer, turn your closet into a neatly arranged retreat. Bid farewell to disarray and welcome to a neat, easily navigable closet where everything has its designated spot. With this useful and fashionable closet organizer, you can streamline your everyday activities and improve your storage game.

Discount: 42% OFF

Price: Rs 174

Hand Gripper, Wrist Strengthener for Strength training, Daachi Sports

The Daachi Sports Hand Gripper is a useful tool for strength training aficionados that can help you increase your grip strength and wrist endurance. This wrist strengthener is a vital supplement to any exercise regimen because it is made for maximum performance and targets and strengthens the muscles in your hands and forearms.

For strength training enthusiasts, the Daachi Sports Hand Gripper is a helpful gadget that can help you improve your wrist endurance and grip strength. Because it is designed for optimal performance and targets and improves the muscles in your hands and forearms, this wrist strengthener is an essential addition to any training program.

The hand gripper, which was made with longevity in mind, is a trustworthy ally on your strength training path. The Daachi Sports Hand Gripper is the perfect option for an extensive and efficient strength training program, regardless of your goals—whether they want to increase your hand and wrist strength or your overall athletic performance. Invest in this adaptable and dependable exercise equipment to up your fitness game.

Discount: 37% OFF

Price: 189

Pack of 30 Pcs, 3D Butterfly Wall Décor Wooden Black Window Furniture, Decoration Wall Decals, Wood Butterfly. Wall Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Kid Room, Wall Sticker, mdf, wood sticker

The Set of 30 Pieces 3D Butterfly Wall Décor will completely change your living area. These wooden butterflies, which are made from premium MDF, lend a touch of elegance to your windows, furniture, and walls. They give style and attention-grabbing contrast to any decor with their elaborate design and black finish.

The thirty-piece set of 3D butterfly wall décor will totally transform your home space. These high-quality MDF wooden butterflies provide a touch of refinement to your walls, furniture, and windows. Their intricate design and striking black finish add flair and a striking contrast to any interior.

These wooden butterflies have more uses than just decoration; they may be used in a variety of ways to improve the atmosphere in your room. This set of 30 3D butterfly wall décor will easily elevate your home’s decor while adding a classic and elegant touch to any area.

Discount: 94% OFF

Price: Rs 180

24 Pcs Artificial Nails colour Full for Girls, No Required Glue

The ideal option for a fast and colorful nail makeover without the need for glue is the 24 Pieces Colorful Artificial Nails for Girls. These hassle-free press-on nails will elevate your look and enter a variety of colors to fit any occasion or mood.

These artificial nails were made with convenience in mind; they don’t require extra glue and are simple to apply, making them a hassle-free choice for girls who are always on the go. This range guarantees that your nails remain fashionable and expressive, ranging from lively pastels to striking and vivid colors.

These fake nails offer a quick, salon-quality makeover, whether you’re getting ready for a big occasion or just want to change up your appearance. Take pleasure in the opportunity to try out different colors and styles without having to commit. Make a statement with the 24 Pieces Colorful Artificial Nails, which provide girls who enjoy using their nails as a means of self-expression with an easy and fashionable fix.

Discount: 57% OFF

Price: Rs 185

10Pcs/Set Women Men Professional Hairdressing Combs Curly Multifunctional Hair Design Styling Tool Set Combs Anti-Static Salon Barber Hair Combs Set

The 10 Piece Professional Hairdressing Combs Set will help you up your hairstyling game. It’s a must-have for both men and women looking for accurate and adaptable style tools. This multipurpose kit is made to accommodate both home users and salon professionals’ various demands.

These combs are made with accuracy and longevity in mind. Their anti-static construction guarantees sleek, snag-free styling. The set is a must-have for any salon, barbershop, or individual use since it comes with an assortment of combs designed for various hair kinds and styles.

This collection includes the appropriate comb for any task, whether you’re detangling and styling, working on a contemporary haircut, or making elaborate designs. During use, the ergonomic design guarantees a pleasant grip and ideal control.

The 10Pcs Professional Hairdressing Combs Set will help you achieve immaculate and salon-quality hair designs at home or in the salon. It is a complete and dependable tool kit that will upgrade your hairstyling routine.

Discount: 50% OFF

Price: Rs 190

Trendy Heart shape rings for couples/girls

Trendy heart-shaped rings for ladies or couples can elevate your look and bring a dash of romance and charm to any outfit. These beautiful rings represent love and uniqueness and are more than simply fashion pieces.

Heart-shaped rings are a timeless option, whether you’re looking for a charming gift for your significant other or a chic piece to express your own personality. The design exudes elegance and sentiment, making it ideal for individuals embracing self-expression or couples celebrating their bond.

These rings are meticulously crafted and available in an array of styles, ranging from ornate to minimalist, so there’s bound to be a style that suits every preference. These heart-shaped rings are a charming addition to any jewelry collection, celebrating love and individual flair, whether you wear them as a pair with your significant other or as a single piece.

Discount: 42% OFF

Price: Rs 115

Mini Flexible Foam Tripod Octopus Stand for Cell Phone Camera

With the Mini Flexible Foam Tripod Octopus Stand for cameras and cell phones, you can capture life’s moments from any perspective. This modular adapter provides a solid and flexible platform for your devices, making it ideal for on-the-go photography and videography.

Capture life’s moments from every angle with the Mini Flexible Foam Tripod Octopus Stand for cameras and smartphones. This modular adapter is perfect for on-the-go photography and filming since it gives your devices a stable and adaptable base.

The Mini Flexible Foam Tripod is small and light, making it convenient to carry in your pocket or camera bag. You can put your smartphone at the ideal angle for the optimum composition thanks to the adjustable ball head.

Discount: 59% OFF

Price: Rs 165

Heart Wave Necklace

The Heart Wave Necklace is a beautiful jewelry that blends style and emotional resonance. Wear it around your necks with elegance and compassion. The heart-shaped pendant on this exquisitely created item symbolizes the rhythmic journey of love and life. It has a gentle wave design.

Beyond just a piece of jewelry, the Heart Wave Necklace is a representation of the lovely and erratic turns that love may take. The pendant’s gentle curves symbolize the peaks and valleys, offering a visual representation of the waves of emotion that go along with heart-related issues.

This necklace goes beyond simple style to become a heartfelt token of love, whether it is worn by the wearer or given as a present to someone special. The Heart Wave Necklace’s classic elegance and fine craftsmanship make it an adaptable piece that can be worn on many different occasions, guaranteeing that it will always be treasured as a timeless representation of love and style.

Discount: 65% OFF

Price: Rs 140

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