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Amama Discounts & Promo Codes For 2024

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Top Amama Coupons

Super Deal
Amama Discount Offer: Enjoy Up to 70% OFF On All Products
Get ready to snag incredible deals with Amama’s discount offer! Enjoy jaw-dropping savings of up to 70% off on a wide range of products across various categories. Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, home goods, or more, this deal has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to shop for your favorite items at unbeatable prices. Hurry and seize the savings now with Amama’s incredible discount offer! Show Less
Best Offer
Amama Sale: Save Up to 20% On Earings
Elevate your style with Amama’s exclusive sale! Enjoy a stylish discount of up to 20% off on a captivating selection of earrings. Whether you prefer studs, hoops, or dangly designs, this offer has the perfect pair to adorn your ears. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your look while saving on chic accessories. Shop now at Amama and treat yourself to stunning earrings at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Bumper Offer
Amama Offer: Avail Up to 60% OFF On Necklaces Collection
Elevate your style with Amama’s exclusive offer! Enjoy a dazzling discount of up to 60% off on a stunning collection of necklaces. Whether you prefer delicate chains or statement pieces, this deal has the perfect necklace to enhance your look. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to adorn your neckline with elegance while enjoying significant savings. Shop now at Amama and elevate your jewelry collection with these exquisite necklaces at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Great Offer
Amama Discount Deal: Grab Up to 40% OFF On Chokar Necklaces
Upgrade your jewelry collection with Amama’s enticing discount deal! Snatch up to 40% off on a captivating range of choker necklaces. Whether you’re looking for a touch of vintage charm or contemporary elegance, this offer has the perfect piece to adorn your neckline. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your style while enjoying significant savings. Shop now at Amama and elevate your look with these exquisite choker necklaces at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Splashing Offer
Amama Deal: Redeem Up to 80% OFF On Rings Collection
Elevate your hand’s elegance with Amama’s incredible deal! Enjoy breathtaking savings of up to 80% off on a diverse collection of rings. Whether you fancy classic solitaires or trendy statement rings, this offer has the perfect piece to adorn your fingers. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a touch of glamour to your look while saving big. Shop now at Amama and embellish your hands with exquisite rings at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Fantastic Offer
Amama Voucher: Receive Up to 20% OFF On Hairbands
Elevate your hairstyle with Amama’s exclusive voucher! Enjoy a stylish discount of up to 20% off on a fantastic selection of hairbands. Whether you prefer elegant classics or trendy designs, this deal has the perfect hairband to complement your look. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a fashionable touch to your hair while enjoying great savings. Shop now at Amama and upgrade your hair accessory collection with these exquisite hairbands at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Wow Offer
Amama Discount Offer: Enjoy Up to 50% OFF On Mang Tikas
Elevate your traditional look with Amama’s special discount offer! Revel in savings of up to 50% off on a splendid assortment of Mang Tikas. Whether you seek traditional designs or contemporary styles, this deal has the perfect accessory to adorn your forehead. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your ethnic attire while enjoying significant savings. Shop now at Amama and add a touch of elegance to your look with exquisite Mang Tikas at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Crazy Offer
Amama Offer: Get Up to 20% OFF on Bracelet Collection
Elevate your wrist game with Amama’s special offer! Enjoy a stylish discount of up to 20% off on a captivating collection of bracelets. Whether you prefer delicate chains or bold statement pieces, this deal has the perfect bracelet to adorn your wrist. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your style while saving on chic accessories. Shop now at Amama and treat yourself to stunning bracelets at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Super Saver
Amama Sale: Avail Up to 20% OFF On Belts Collection
Elevate your fashion statement with Amama’s exclusive sale! Enjoy a stylish discount of up to 20% off on a captivating collection of belts. Whether you prefer classic leather, trendy designs, or statement pieces, this offer has the perfect belt to enhance your outfit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to accessorize your look while enjoying great savings. Shop now at Amama and upgrade your fashion game with these exquisite belts at unbeatable prices! Show Less
Exclusive Offer
Amama Deal: Grab Up to 11% OFF On Bags Collection
Elevate your fashion game with Amama’s exciting deal! Enjoy a trendy discount of up to 11% off on a captivating collection of bags. Whether you’re looking for chic handbags, versatile totes, or stylish backpacks, this offer has the perfect bag to complement your outfit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your accessory game while enjoying some savings. Shop now at Amama and enhance your style with these exquisite bags at attractive prices! Show Less

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Shipping Policy

Amama offers shipping within India for its handcrafted jewelry and accessories. The shipping times can vary depending on the location and delivery option chosen during checkout. Standard shipping generally takes a few business days for delivery, while expedited shipping options may provide quicker delivery times at an additional cost. Amama strives to ensure timely delivery of orders and provides tracking information so customers can monitor the status of their shipments. Shipping costs are typically calculated based on the shipping destination and the total weight of the order. For specific shipping details and options, customers can refer to Amama’s website or contact their customer support.

Contact Details

To contact Amama for inquiries or assistance, customers can visit their official website at and navigate to the “Contact Us” section. Amama provides a contact form where customers can submit their queries or messages directly. Additionally, customers can reach out via email at [email protected] for further assistance. Amama’s customer service team is responsive to inquiries and strives to address customer concerns promptly. For updates and promotions, customers can also sign up for the Amama newsletter through their website to receive exclusive offers and announcements directly to their inbox.

About Amama

Amama is a contemporary Indian brand offering a curated collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Founded with a vision to celebrate craftsmanship and elegance, Amama showcases a range of artisanal pieces that blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. Each creation reflects a unique blend of artistry and design, making Amama a sought-after destination for those seeking distinctive jewelry and accessories.


Jewelry Collection

Amama’s jewelry collection is the cornerstone of its offerings, featuring exquisite pieces crafted with attention to detail and quality. Explore a variety of jewelry categories designed to complement different styles and occasions:

  1. Necklaces: Discover statement necklaces adorned with semi-precious stones, pearls, or intricate metalwork, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  2. Earrings: From delicate studs to bold statement earrings, Amama offers a range of earring styles featuring unique designs and premium materials.

  3. Bracelets and Bangles: Explore handcrafted bracelets and bangles crafted with traditional techniques, showcasing intricate patterns and textures.

  4. Rings: Amama’s collection of rings includes minimalist bands, cocktail rings, and gemstone-studded designs, ideal for everyday wear or special occasions.


In addition to jewelry, Amama offers a selection of stylish accessories that complement its artisanal aesthetic:

  1. Clutches and Handbags: Explore handcrafted clutches and handbags featuring vibrant colors, intricate embellishments, and fine craftsmanship.

  2. Scarves and Stoles: Discover luxurious scarves and stoles made from premium fabrics, showcasing traditional Indian motifs and contemporary designs.

  3. Belts and Waistbands: Add flair to your outfit with handcrafted belts and waistbands featuring intricate detailing and quality materials.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Amama prides itself on using high-quality materials and partnering with skilled artisans to create each piece. Common materials used in Amama’s creations include:

  • Semi-Precious Stones: Amama incorporates semi-precious stones like turquoise, amethyst, and rose quartz into its jewelry designs, adding a pop of color and elegance.

  • Precious Metals: The brand uses sterling silver, gold-plated brass, and other precious metals to ensure durability and a luxurious finish.

  • Handwoven Fabrics: Accessories like scarves and stoles often feature handwoven fabrics sourced from local artisans, highlighting India’s rich textile heritage.

  • Traditional Techniques: Many of Amama’s pieces are crafted using traditional Indian jewelry-making techniques such as filigree, kundan setting, and enamel work, preserving age-old craftsmanship.

Signature Collections

Amama offers signature collections that embody its design philosophy and showcase the brand’s creativity:

  1. Heritage Collection: Inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage, this collection features intricate designs that pay homage to traditional craftsmanship.

  2. Modern Minimalist: For those who prefer understated elegance, the Modern Minimalist collection offers sleek and contemporary jewelry pieces suitable for everyday wear.

  3. Festive Edit: Perfect for celebratory occasions, the Festive Edit features opulent jewelry and accessories designed to make a statement.

Ethical Practices

Amama is committed to ethical practices and sustainability. The brand prioritizes fair trade principles, supports local artisans and craftspeople, and emphasizes responsible sourcing of materials. By promoting traditional craftsmanship and empowering artisans, Amama contributes to the preservation of India’s cultural heritage.

Promotional Offers

Amama, the renowned Indian brand celebrated for its handcrafted jewelry and accessories, frequently extends enticing promotional offers to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. These promotional deals enable shoppers to enjoy special discounts, exclusive offers, and other incentives when purchasing from Amama’s exquisite collections. Let’s delve into the various promotional offers available at Amama and how they add value to the brand’s offerings.


Types of Promotional Offers

Amama presents a diverse range of promotional offers tailored to suit different preferences and occasions. Here are some popular types of promotions you can expect from Amama:


  1. Seasonal Sales: Amama hosts seasonal sales events such as festive promotions, holiday discounts, and end-of-season sales. During these periods, customers can enjoy significant markdowns on selected jewelry and accessories.

  2. Discount Coupons: Amama often releases discount coupons that customers can apply during checkout to avail themselves of instant savings. These coupons may offer percentage discounts or fixed rupee amounts off the total purchase.

  3. Bundle Deals: Amama occasionally offers bundle deals where customers can purchase coordinated sets of jewelry or accessories at a discounted price. Bundle promotions are ideal for those looking to mix and match pieces for a cohesive look.

  4. Limited-Time Offers: To create a sense of urgency and excitement, Amama features limited-time offers on specific products or collections. These time-bound promotions encourage customers to make swift purchase decisions to secure the discounted items.


Special Occasion Promotions

Amama celebrates special occasions and festivals with themed promotions designed to delight customers. Some common special occasion promotions include:


  • Diwali Offers: During the festive season of Diwali, Amama presents exclusive Diwali offers, allowing customers to shop for festive jewelry and accessories at attractive prices.

  • New Year Discounts: Start the New Year in style with Amama’s New Year promotions, featuring discounts on new arrivals and bestsellers.

  • Valentine’s Day Specials: Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to beautifully crafted jewelry with Amama’s Valentine’s Day promotions, featuring romantic pieces at discounted rates.


How to Access Promotional Offers

Accessing and availing promotional offers at Amama is straightforward and rewarding. Here’s how you can make the most of these deals:


  1. Subscribe to Newsletters: Sign up for Amama’s newsletter to receive updates on the latest promotions, exclusive offers, and upcoming sales directly in your inbox.

  2. Follow on Social Media: Stay connected with Amama on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about flash sales, discount codes, and special events.

  3. Check the Website Banner: Visit Amama’s website regularly and look out for promotional banners or pop-ups highlighting ongoing offers and discounts.

  4. Explore Promotional Emails: Keep an eye on your email for promotional messages from Amama, featuring personalized offers and discounts based on your preferences.

  5. Engage During Sales Events: Participate actively during major sales events hosted by Amama, such as anniversary sales or festive promotions, to enjoy substantial savings on your purchases.


Tips for Maximizing Savings

To maximize savings while shopping at Amama, consider the following tips:


  1. Combine Offers: Stack discount coupons with ongoing promotions or bundle deals to maximize your savings on jewelry and accessories.

  2. Shop Early During Sales: Take advantage of early bird specials and early access offers during sales events to secure the best deals on coveted items.

  3. Follow Expiry Dates: Be mindful of the expiry dates of promotional offers to ensure timely redemption and avoid missing out on discounts.

  4. Explore Exclusive Deals: Keep an eye out for exclusive deals reserved for newsletter subscribers or social media followers for additional perks and savings.

  5. Plan Purchases Ahead: Plan your purchases around major sales events or promotions to capitalize on significant discounts and special offers.

FAQs About Amama

What does Amama specialize in?

Amama specializes in handcrafted jewelry and accessories, featuring a collection of exquisite pieces crafted with attention to detail and quality materials.

Where is Amama based?

Amama is based in India, where it celebrates traditional craftsmanship and showcases the country’s rich heritage through its designs.

What materials are used in Amama's jewelry?

Amama uses a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold-plated brass, and handwoven fabrics sourced from local artisans.

Does Amama ship internationally?

Amama primarily ships within India. Customers outside India are encouraged to check with Amama’s customer service for specific shipping arrangements.

How can I contact Amama's customer service?

Customers can contact Amama’s customer service via email at [email protected] or through the contact form on the official Amama website.

Does Amama offer customization services?

Amama may offer customization services for certain jewelry pieces. Contact customer service for inquiries regarding custom orders.

What is Amama's return policy?

Amama’s return policy may vary based on the product and circumstances. Customers are advised to review the return policy on the Amama website or contact customer service for specific details.

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